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Last Update: July 21, 2014

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour (Ed.), Third Edition (IGI Global, 2014). This comprehensive ten-volume collection covers many topics within Security and Forensics, including: Criminal Science and Forensics, Cyber and Network Security, Cyber Crime and Digital Terrorism, and Surveillance Systems. Comprised of approximately 750 previously unpublished research contributions, through the insights of thousands of international experts, hailing from more than 50 different countries.

Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics by Carl Mitcham (Ed.) 4 vols.(Thomson Gale 2005) with contributions from (selection):
  • Prosthetics, Virtual Reality by Philip Brey
  • Semiotics: Nature and Machine by Søren Brier
  • Discourse Ethics by Charles Ess
  • Information by Luciano Floridi
  • Natural Law by Kenneth Einar Himma
  • Levinas, Emmanuel by Lucas Introna
  • Phenomenology by Lucas Introna
  • Computer Ethics, Ethics and Technology, A Program for Future Research by Deborah G. Johnson
  • Hacker Ethics by Deborah G. Johnson
  • Responsibility. Anglo-American Perspectives by Deborah G. Johnson
  • Social Construction of Technology by Deborah G. Johnson
  • Daoist Perspectives by Liu Xiaogan
  • Biodiversity Commercialization, Bioethics, Technoethics by Carl Mitcham
  • Towards an Ethics of Science and Technology as Knowledge by Carl Mitcham
  • Artificiality by Massimo Negrotti
  • Values in Technical Design by Helen Nissenbaum
  • Information Ethics by Martha M. Smith
    • Herman T. Tavani: Transaction Generated Information and Data Mining
    • Jeroen van den Hoven: Privacy
    • Marsha Woodbury: Security

The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science edited by Allen Kent (University of Pittsburgh) has published comprehensive articles in this field, namely:
  • Ethical Aspects of Library and Information Science by Richard R. Rubin (Kent State University) and Thomas J. Froehlich (Kent State University) (1996, Vol. 58, Suppl. 21, pp. 33-52)
  • Professional Ethics by Lee Finks and Elisabeth Soekefeld (1993, Vol. 52, Suppl. 15, pp. 301-32)
There are several articles on special themes like:
  • Censorship by Edward Cline (1998 Vol. 62, Suppl. 25, pp. 65-83)
  • Teaching Ethical Computing by Tom Jewett (1998 Vol. 63, Suppl. 26, pp. 297-311)
  • The Information Society: Conceptions and Critique by Frank Webster (1996 Vol. 58, Suppl. 21, pp. 74-112)
  • Ethical Issues in Information Systems by Vladimir Zwass (1996 Vol. 57, Suppl. 21, pp. 175-195)
  • Public Interest Ethics by Bradley Chilton (1996 Vol. 58, Supp. 21, pp. 275-281)
  • Organizational Ethics by Sarah Sanderson King and Donald Cushman (1995)
  • Information Malpractice by Marianne Puckett and James Pat Craig (1993, Vol. 52, Suppl. 15, pp. 141-167)

Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security by Marian Quingley (Ed.) (Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2007).

The Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics edited by Ruth Chadwick (University of Central Lancashire) (San Diego 1998) deals with topics such as:
  • Accounting and Business Ethics by Harold Q. Langenderfer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Applied Ethics, Challenges to by Tim Dare (The University of Auckland)
  • Applied Ethics, Overview by Earl R. Winkler (University of British Columbia)
  • Computer and Information Ethics by Simon Rogerson (De Montfort University)
  • Computer Security by Eugene H. Spafford (Purdue University)
  • Confidentiality, General Issues of by Mary Beth Armstrong (California Polytechnic State University)
  • Confidentiality of Sources by Michel Petheram (Open University)
  • Conflict of Interest by Michael Davis (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Corporations, Ethics in by Francis Aguilar (Harvard University)
  • Corporate Responsibility by Celia Wells (University of Wells, Cardiff)
  • Information Management by Richard Mason (Southern Methodist University)
  • Informed Consent by Jonathan D. Moreno (SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn), Arthur L. Caplan (University of Pennsylvania) and Paul Root Wolpe (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Internet Protocol by Duncan Langford (University of Kent at Canterbury)
  • Freedom of Speech by Larry Alexander (University of San Diego)
  • Freedom of the Press in the USA by Stephen Klaidman (Kennedy Institut of Ethics, Georgetown University)
  • Privacy by Edmund F. Byrne (Indiana University)
  • Reputation Management by Corporations by Charles J. Fombrun (New York University)
  • Research Ethics by Caroline Whitbeck (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Science and Engineering Ethics by R. E. Spier (University of Surrey)
  • Scientific Publishing by Beth A. Fischer (University of Pittsburg) and Michael Zigmond (University of Pittsburg)
  • Social Ethics, Overview by D. Don Welch (Vanderbilt University)
  • World Ethics by Nigel Dower (University of Aberdeen)

Lexikon der Wirtschaftsethik edited by G. Enderle, K. Homann, M. Honecker, W. Kerber, H. Steinmann (Freiburg 1993):
  • Information, Informationstechnologie by Klaus Kornwachs
  • Neue Technologien by Klaus Kornwachs

Handbuch der Wirtschaftsethik edited by W. Korff et al.(Gütersloh 1999):
  • Informationsverhalten und Informationsstrukturen by Stefan Klein, Rolf Alexander Teubner



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